Please use the size charts on provided on this page.  These are US Navy size charts and we think they convey body measures best.  Please use these charts for ALL UNIFORMS on this website.

Please note the following while giving measures: 

1.  Measurements may be given in inches or in centimeters.
2.  Please let us know if you are giving your true body measures or you are measuring an existing garment that fits you perfectly.
3.  Please be honest in giving your measures.  I don't want your "dream" measure.  I don't want what your measure is going to be after you are through with your current diet regime.  I want your exact measures as they are when you order the uniform.
4.  Always provide your height and hat size.  Height is important for all your uniforms.
5.  For shoes,  please give me your dress shoe size as worn in the US,  UK or Continental Europe.  We normally do half sizes and extra wides,  please let us know what you want.
6.  While giving belt sizes please give your exact waist size.  We ALWAYS provide belt holes over a range of a minimum 6 inches.  3 inches less than your waist and 3 inches more than your waist. 
7.  Women should provide their chest,  waist and hips (at the widest point) measure along with the measures in this size chart.
8.  If you only ordering shirts,  please give your collar,  chest,  sleeve and height measure only.
9.  If you have ordered before,  your measures will be on file with us.  Please let us know if there are any changes.  If there are changes,  it is best to fill out a new size chart.

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