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 We custom tailor British Royal Navy uniforms and manufacture peak caps,  badges,  insignia and shoulder boards.  We also manufacture some of the tropical British Royal Navy uniforms of the world war two era.  Both the Blue and the White uniforms of the Royal Navy are custom made by us.  We also custom make Royal Australian,  Royal Canadian and Belgian Navy uniforms.
 World war two (ww2,wwii) British Royal Navy Blue uniform:  Made in correct weight wool barathea,  without buttons.  Set of Jacket,  Trousers and Peak cap is US$ 299,  including custom tailoring and door delivery.  Price includes correct zinc cuff-lace for any rank.  This uniform can also be used for Royal Australian Navy,  the only difference being in the buttons and badges.  Our British Royal Navy blue uniform is also available in Doeskin,  if it is in stock,  but we strongly suggest that this be purchased in barathea.  Doeskin uniform does require a lot of care and maintainence.

ww2 british navy uniform ww2 british navy uniform2 ww2 Royal Australian Navy tunic

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 World war two (ww2,wwii) British Royal Navy White uniform:  Our white uniforms are made in white cotton drill,  without buttons.  Set of jacket,  Trousers and peak cap is US$ 164 including custom tailoring and door delivery.  Our British Royal Navy white uniform comes without shoulder boards and insignia,  but they may be ordered seperately if you so desire.

Royal navy white dress 
 World war two (ww2,wwii) British Royal Navy Cocked hats:  Available in all sizes.  Please e-mail for details.
World war two (ww2,wwii) British Royal Navy Khaki uniforms: Our Khaki uniforms are made in khaki twill 100% cotton fabric.  Please e-mail for details.  The British Royal Navy Khaki uniforms had their origins in India,  and are sometimes still used by the Indian Navy.  We use the same fabric and patterns which were used in ww2.  Price US$ 164,  including custom tailoring and door delivery.

World war two (ww2,wwii) British Royal Navy Square Rig shirts:  Our Navy square rig shirts are available  in all sizes.  Price US$ 56,  delivered.  Comes without the fouled anchor insignia on the sleeve,  it may be ordered seperately at US$ 8 and please add 7 days extra for delivery for embroidering the anchor.   The British Royal navy square rig shirts are made in 100% cotton twill fabric.

ww2 british navy square rigged shirt

World war two (ww2,wwii) British Royal Navy Shorts:  The British Royal Navy shorts are available  in white 100% cotton drill fabric with 3 belt loops for the p37 belt.  Price is US$ 56,  custom tailored,  door delivered.  The British Royal Navy shorts are also available in khaki cotton drill fabric at the same price.

british navy shorts 
World war two (ww2,wwii) British Royal Navy Cap Tally:  These are custom printed by us on cap tally ribbons.  It is expensive to do for just one but economical if you are getting them made in bulk.  One cap tally US$ 20,  additional ones in the same print,  US$ 6.00/pc.
World war two (ww2,wwii) British Royal Navy Badges, Insignia and shoulder boards:  We custom make all our insignia so even if your particlular badge is not in stock it can be made if you send us pictures and dimensions.  We also manufactures ships badges and pennants.

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World war two (ww2,wwii) British Royal Navy “other ranks” seaman blue wool jumper and trouser:  Also known as the the enlisted winter blouse,  it is made in dark blue serge wool from an original sample in my collection. The seamans’ blue wool  jumper is US$ 92 door delivered,  custom tailored and trouser is US$ 92 door delivered.  A set of both jumper and trousers are US$ 164 including door delivery and custom tailoring.

rn trouser rn trouser 2 rn blose

This page is still in it’s infancy,  please bear with me while I put up all the relevant pictures.  Please let me have your suggestions for uniforms and articles you would like to see on this page.  We manufacture British Royal Navy uniforms for Films,  Movies,  Documentaries and plays.

Arriving shortly on this page:  British Royal Navy Pea-coats,  Bell Bottom Trousers, Navy Brown Shoes, Dungarees,  Flat hats,  Rating badges and much much more…
Please watch this space.
Some customer feedback:
On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 Mark Ragan wrote :
>The FedEx package arrived to day. The uniform is excellent! Fits
>like a
>charm, and a quality cloth. You all do superb work! Now you can
>British-pattern Navy enlisted basic uniforms on your website.
>Thank you very
>much for your timely work.
>Mark Ragan