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Ujna Universal manufactures uniforms, costumes,  clothing,  equipment and props for movies,  films,  documentaries,  TV,  Plays,  Theater, Ballets & parades.

 Uniforms For Movies,  Films & Theatre

We at Ujna not only replicate uniforms and costumes for movies and films,  we do the reverse as well.  We replicate costumes and clothing worn by various characters in movies.  So if you need uniforms for war movies or war movie uniforms please send us an e-mail.

 Uniforms For Movies,  Films & Theatre

We have made various uniforms and costumes for various movie and film houses.  Some of our clients include:

  • Warner Bros.
  • LA Dance Theatre
  • Haber Films
  • NBC-Universal
  • Sun Video
  • Envision Entertainment
  • Sunlight Films
  • Pegasus Creations
  • BBC

At Ujna,  we understand that movie costumes and uniforms might have to be rushed during production as casting might be delayed.  We understand that the same costume or uniform might be worn by different members of the cast,  so we can design clothing which will fit a range of sizes with minimum alterations at your end.  We understand that as a play moves from continent to continent the extras in the cast will be hired locally and the uniforms and costumes might have to fit a range of sizes.

 Uniforms For Movies,  Films & Theatre

For war movies,  films and documentaries,  we provide special package deals,  which includes research into the era you are trying to portray.  If you will browse through the website you will find that we make uniforms and costumes for almost all armies and eras.  As a movie producer you can use our experience and our logistical support to your advantage.

As a film and movie enthusiast,  if you would like us to replicate the costume or clothing of any particular character from any movie or play – please let us know – send us an e-mail and we will watch the movie for you and let you know what can be done.

In it’s infancy,  replicaters made the entrenching tools for the D-Day scene in the movie “Saving Private Ryan”.

 Uniforms For Movies,  Films & Theatre

 Uniforms For Movies,  Films & Theatre 

When you are ordering uniforms,  costumes,  gear and props from Ujna Universal for your movie,  film,  documentary,  theatre production,  play or ballet,  you can be sure of the following:

  • We know casting can be last minute affairs,  and speed is essential for your project – you will get lightening quick,  tailor made uniforms,  costumes and clothing from Ujna.
  • We deliver by DHL Express worldwide – which means that your uniforms,  clothing and costumes for your film or movie will be delivered in 4-5 days,  at your doorstep,  including customs clearance.  There will be no hassle for you.
  • We know your play or theatre group might have to travel and we can tailor clothing so that it can be worn by various people with minor alterations.  For example,  we can put velcro fasteners in caps – making one cap adjustable for any and all sizes.
  • We know that you will be making a film or movie or play  and will not be fighting a war in these uniforms.  We will design the uniforms so that they will appear 100% authentic but are comfortable for your cast and actors.  It is impossible to do a ballet wearing a German overcoat made in heavy feldgrau wool – we know it,  and we know the alternative.
  • You can count on our expertise and knowledge,  plus our links with various museums and military historians to ensure that you get the correct clothing for the era you are trying to portray – you can be sure that when we develop your costumes they will look and be authentic.
  • When dealing with Films,  movies,  theatre and ballets – we know we are dealing with highly creative people,  and you can be sure that if you can imagine it,  we can translate it into reality – that’s our job.
  • We understand that you might be making a film or movie at a remote location.  If you can get there,  so can we.  We will get your uniforms,  costumes props delivered to your location – whereever that might be – we have the logistics to do that.
  • You will get the best prices anywhere in the world at Ujna,  please see the rest of our website,  you will know what I am talking about.

Please call me or E-mail me to discuss your requirements.

 Uniforms For Movies,  Films & Theatre

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