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Terms & Conditions

  1. The customer authorizes the company to retain his/her measures and order for future use.
  2. We (the company) have no responsibility or liability once the goods/order has been handed over to the courier/transport  service and we have received an air way bill for it.
  3. If your address is incorrect or if you are not present to take delivery,  FedEx will try again as per the rules prevailing at your end.  If the package is still UN-deliverable, FedEx will destroy the Package at your end – with no liability accruing to us.
  4. New products are added almost on a daily basis,  please note we are not liable for product numbers changing.
  5. We are authorized to add/subtract from your measures in the interest of giving you the best possible fit.  Such change in measures will not cause any liability to us.
  6. In any events;  due to wrong address;  fault of courier company;  unable to effect delivery;  or wrong measures – the company is not liable to remake the order with payment.
  7. The company is help harmless accruing from any loss due to delay of receipt of garments from the company for any reason whatsoever.
  8. The company is held harmless from any discrepancy out of the nature of description of the fabric as they are subjective and can change from time to time without informing the customer.
  9. The company is liable to provide similar fabric only.
  10. The company is not bound to remake or refund the payments for any reason whatsoever.
  11. The delivery dates provided on the website or e-mails are approximates only,  and while we try to adhere to the delivery dates on the websites and e-mails,  we are not responsible in any manner for delays or any repercussions arising out of such delay.
  12. Fabric colors may look different on different computer screens – we are to be held harmless if shade and hue of the fabric differs from screen to screen.Issued by the Company management to be reaffirmed by the customer.