Every country that fought the World Wars had a unique and distinctive style of their army uniforms to camouflage their men at war, adept to the war conditions and also to equip solders with war essentials such as gun, blankets, small wall tents, ammunitions, helmet, socks etc.

During the world war the uniform makers were asked by participating countries to make the uniforms, gears and accessories such that it acts as an excellent camouflage for the soldiers.

The Khaki dress, a camouflage tool was first made by Harry Lumsden who raised a Corp in 1846, as part of the British India army. The name “Khaki” comes from the Hindustani language. During the Great War, the entire British Indian army was adorning the khaki military uniforms.

The British army replaced the khaki uniform with ‘Kitchener blue’ uniform, when they ran out of the khaki in 1914.

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