Doublets,Kilts,Jackets and Accessories for Pipe Bands..

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We carry an entire range of doublets,  kilts,  jackets,  spats,  balmorals and other accessories for Highland, Scottish, Irish Pipe bands. Our every item is custom made with the finest materials.  Our Highland doublets are used in the US,  Canada,  UK,  Germany,  Australia and New Zealand by Pipe bands and police & military bands.  We manufacture each and every type of doublet including sporrans,  hose and Highland,  police and military band shirts,  boots and badges.  Our Highland wear and pipe band articles are carefully crafted for quality and long term service.  We make both pipers and drum major uniforms and doublets.  Besides doublets,  we manufacture a range of articles specifically for Pipe bands.  We embroider badges and banners for Pipe bands,  we manufacture special spats and hose for Pipe bands and we custom make sporrans for Pipe bands.  As a special service for Pipe band uniforms we import tartan fabric from Scotland for bulk Pipe Band uniform orders.

Highland,  Scottish,  Irish Doublets for Pipe,  Police and Military Bands and Regiments:  All our doublets are made in Doeskin or Barathea wool. Pipe band doublets are available in any color - red,  scarlet, archer green,  blue,  black,  Khaki etc.  You may also specify color of facing and cuffs while ordering.  Braids or trims like twisted white,  Gold or silver can also be specified for the doublets.  We manufacture (Pipers & drummers) Pipe band doublets,  Military doublets and regulation doublets. We provide a slit pocket on the front flap of the doublets with a hook and eye closure at the neck plus a fabric flap at the neck closure.  Each doublet has eyelets for removable buttons hidden by an extra satin flap.  All doublets come with plain shell buttons.  You may specify various articles for your doublet - like colour,  type and color of facings,  trimmings and piping color.   We offer special group discounts on doublets for pipe bands and we accomodate special doublet designs for pipe bands. Pipe band doublets can be ordered with satin lining or with padding. We also manufacture Montrose doublets.  Each custom tailored doublet is available for only US$ 164,  price includes door delivery of the doublet to anywhere in the world.


 doublet black pipers1.jpg (26362 bytes)                doublet scottish.jpg (45289 bytes)               doublet.jpg (16202 bytes)       


Highland,  Scottish,  Irish Pipe Band Doublet Wings or shells:  Available in any color and any pattern.  Price US$ 20/pair when ordered with a doublet or US$ 29/pair if ordered alone. 

 H91.jpg (36325 bytes)                       

Pipe Band or kilt Shirts:  Ideal for summer wear for a pipe band.  Made in 100% cotton,  highweave  fabric.  The  pipe band shirts are half sleeved with scalloped pockets and  eppaullettes.  Price US$ 47,  custom tailored door delivered.

band shirts.jpg (19993 bytes)                            kilt shirt.jpg (14979 bytes)

Pipe Band Highland and Military Kilts:  We tailor our kilts but require you to send your own tartan fabric for it.  We are making arrangements with a mill in Scotland for an entire range of tartan fabrics and these will be available from early June.  Tailoring and delivery charges for Kilts is US$ 155.   We also manufacture kilt panels and kilt panel rosettes.

kilts.jpg (3267 bytes)

Highland,  Scottish,  Irish doublets in cotton for Pipe,  Police and Military Bands:  These are made in 100% cotton drill fabric white,  khaki or any other color that may be specified. Construction is the same as woollen doublets.  Price is US$ 129 per doublet,  door delivered,  custom tailored.

white doublet cotton.jpg (64712 bytes)

Prince Charlie jackets and vest:  Made in 100% pure wool barathea fabric in black with satin facings.  Comes with (thistle)diamond buttons and properly tailored chest and shoulder pieces.  It is fully lined with braided eppaulettes.  Price including custom tailoring and door delivery is US$ 164.  Vest is extra at US$ 83 if ordered alone or only US$ 74 if ordered with the Charlie jacket.

prince charlie jacket and vest.jpg (26930 bytes)

Argyle (Argyll) jacket and vest: The Argyle jacket and vest are made in 100% wool, black barathea fabric.  The Argyle (Argyll) jacket is lined, single button front,  has flat eppaulettes,  gauntlet cuffs with 3 buttons, and pocket flaps with 3 buttons.  The vest too is made in black barathea and has 5 buttons. Price including custom tailoring and door delivery is US$ 164.  Vest is extra at US$ 83 if ordered alone or only US$ 74 if ordered with the Charlie jacket.

argyle jacket.gif (15895 bytes)

Braemar jacket and vest: The Braemar jacket and vest are made in 100% wool, black barathea fabric.  The Argyle (Argyll) jacket is lined,  has single button front, flat eppaulettes,  French cuffs with 3 buttons, and pocket flaps with 3 buttons.  The vest too is made in black barathea and has 5 buttons. Price including custom tailoring and door delivery is US$ 164.  Vest is extra at US$ 83 if ordered alone or only US$ 74 if ordered with the Charlie jacket.

braemar jacket.jpg (21581 bytes)

Craill jacket and vest: The Craill jacket and vest are made in 100% wool, black barathea fabric.  The Argyle (Argyll) jacket is lined,  has single button front, flat eppaulettes,  French cuffs with 3 buttons, and pocket flaps with 3 buttons and braided eppaullettes like the Prince Charlie jacket..  The vest too is made in black barathea and has 5 buttons. Price including custom tailoring and door delivery is US$ 164.  Vest is extra at US$ 83 if ordered alone or only US$ 74 if ordered with the Charlie jacket.

craill jacket 2.jpg (22449 bytes)


          Email                    Payment Details                  Size Chart             


 Inverness Cape: Our Inverness cape is made in extremely high quality black nylon and comes ina belt storage pouch.  All the seams are waterproof to provide maximum waterproofing.  Price is US$ 74 door delivered anywhere in the world.

inverness cape.jpg (18016 bytes)

Cutaway Tunics: We tailor cutaway tunics in wool and in barthea,  price of cutaway tunic is US$ 146 custom tailored,  door delivered.  Cutaway tunics are also made in khaki drill cotton fabric for US$ 92,  including custom tailoring and door delivery.

cutaway jackets.jpg (7969 bytes)

Mess Jackets: Our Mess jackets are made in barathea, with lapels of in color combinations as per your specifications - custom tailored,  door delivered,  US$ 164.  We do not charge extra for larger sizes.

Mess Vest: Made in barathea and satin in combination with mess jacket.  Price including custom tailoring and door delivery is US$ 74 is ordered with a mess jacket or US$ 83 if ordered alone.

mess jacket 1 and vest.jpg (192579 bytes)

Shell Tunics:  Available in white,  black and khaki in polycotton (60% cotton,  40% polyester) with thistle buttons.  Door delivered,  custom tailored US$ 129.
Blue Patrol Jackets:  Patrol jackets or tunics are made in serge or wool barathea,  please specify while ordering.  Price including custom tailoring and door delivery is US$ 164.

patrol jacket with chain mail.jpg (24808 bytes)                         patrol tunics.jpg (33431 bytes)

Blue Patrol Trousers:  Made in both mounted and dismounted pattern in wool barathea or serge,  with piping in the color of your choice.  Price US$ 128 if ordered alone,  US$ 119 if ordered with a Patrol Jacket.
Custom made Tunic and Trousers for the Gaurds etc:  Please e-mail me for your requirements.  We also make Lorne Scot coatees' ,  Signals tunics etc.  We also make Patrol jackets and trousers in White and Green.

      Email                   Payment Details                    Size Chart                

Spats (or boot covers): Our spats are manufactured in high quality,  washable canvas  in white color.  Spats come with white or black buttons.  Please specify while ordering.  Spats are available in all sizes with correct angular cut at the ankle.  Price US$ 29/pair - any size, door delivered anywhere in the world.  Pipe bands may e-mail for special discount deals.

spats.jpg (58446 bytes)


 We will shortly be making available Black and Brown Ghillie Brogues and Ghillie brogues with soft soles.  Also George boots are expected shortly.  Please watch this space for more.


 Balmoral caps: Our Balmoral caps are made in heavy wool with badge stiffner to hold the badge in place.  Available in all colors - please specify while ordering.  Price US$ 35/pc if ordered alone,  US$ 29 if ordered with a doublet or jacket.  Price includes delivery charges.  We also manufacture Tam O' Shanters and Irish Caubeens.

new beret.jpg (15577 bytes)

Leather sporrans for Pipe Bands:  Any of the leather sporrans in the picture are available for US$ 74/pc door delivered.  Our sporrans are made from natural tanned cow leather.  If you need to have your sporran custom made please show us a detailed picture or send in your sample.

sporran.jpg (57524 bytes)

 Custom made embroidered badges and chevrons:  Please send me a picture of your requirements and dimensions and we will do the needful.  We offer the best prices anywhere in the world.  We will manufacture and deliver any embroidered badge 4" X 6" maximum at US$ 6.00/pc and much lesser for smaller badges and wings.
Please contact for special deals for Pipe bands and better deals when ordering these with Pipe band doublets.  Chevrons (1,2 or 3 stripe) are also US$ 6.00/pc delivered.

 all-badges.jpg (33473 bytes)     badges.jpg (31473 bytes)      FAMILY-CREST.jpg (63606 bytes)     

Custom made Metal badges and insignia:  We offer custom made metal insignia for your Pipe band or unit.  Our insignia are made on pressure dies - we will require a sample badge or insignia to make a die.  We also do numbers and medals.  Please ask for special deals for pipe bands.


Chain Mail:  We manufacture chain mail and chain mail articles.  Shoulder chain mail for Rifle Green patrols as per picture are availavle for US$ 65/pc as below.Or US$ 47 if ordered with a patrol jacket.


 CrossBelt UU1.jpg (91612 bytes)    CrossBelt UU3.jpg (72383 bytes)      hose & socks.jpg (78983 bytes)      shabraque.jpg (26995 bytes)

 pipe banner.JPG (38721 bytes)    coatofarms.jpg (64003 bytes)         flag.jpg (87818 bytes)

We thank the following Pipe Bands for their help and patronage:
  • St. Andrews Legion Pipes & Drums
  • 96th Highlanders Pipes and Drums
  • Tempe Police Department Pipe band
  • 42nd Highlanders Regimental Pipe Band
  • 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipe Band
  • Cold Lake Police Service Pipe Band
  • J.P.White Pipe Band
  • Gaelic University Pipe band
  • Braemar Pipeband
Our products are sold to the following quality Highland gear dealers:
  • What Price Glory , US.
  • Highland Brigade , US.
  • Sgt. Bilko Trading , Canada.
  • Coghlin & Upton , Canada.
  • Hugh Hainey & Co,  Scotland .
  • Celtic Trading , UK.
Some comments regarding our products and services:
 From: Collins, Edward <>
To: Sanjay Suri <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 8:51 PM
Subject: RE: Band jackets

Good Morning, Mr. Suri,
All of the band members, except the two who weren't at practice, have tried
on their jackets.  All of them fit just right!!!!!!  We are very pleased
with the color and tailoring.  The black buttons have arrived, too, and now
we are ready to sew them on.  Once our uniforms are complete, I will make
every effort to get some digital pictures taken of us and email them to you.
Hope all is well with you.
Thank you again,

Hari Om Sanjay,

The doublets arrived last week and the members that they were for, are all very satisfied with your work.

I apologize it has taken so long to write back, but it has been very busy the last several weeks.
I'm now preparing another order for 6 or 7 more doublets.
I should have the order ready by Saturday.

Also, here is the the 4ft by 6ft flag design I mentioned. As I stated before, it needs to be a double sided flag.
It can be cotton or any other suitable material.
I will also send in another email a better image of the center portion of the emblem within the flag  when you need it.
If you would be so kind, to quote me a price at what we are looking at to invest in such a venture, I would appreciate it.

Kindest regards,
Tim Lewis Batten
St. Andrews Legion

        Email                     Payment Details                    Size Chart                 

Our pipe band doublets,  kilts and accessories  are also available for films, movies,  theatre,  plays and living history reenacting - please e-mail me for special orders.